Furniture Wear for CIBONE

From the first dialogue with Taku, the founder of Tokyo’s infamous interior company Cibone, and Borre, Taku wanted to see how BYBORRE as a Dutch company would approach the idea of Furniture Wear through knitted textiles. Through both the textile and object, Borre wanted to tell a story, something classic to the Netherlands, while aiming to have “zero waste” from the development of the products to the production. The outcome of this project were blankets in two colourways and 3 sizes and one-of-a-kind wall hangings.

© Tomek Dersu Aaron

The concept for the Couch Blanket was to have a blanket that was not just an accessory but something that could be used to dress your couches, chairs, poufs, to work for different seasons and moods, much like how we use garments for ourselves. Available in three sizes and two reversible colourways, the blankets offer versatility and a punch of colour to an interior.

© Tomek Dersu Aaron

Each of the ten wall hangings are unique in their graphics and colour; each highlighting a small scrap of textile that has been scaled up. Beautiful scraps and cut-off’s of textiles can be found around BYBORRE’s studio in Amsterdam, each one unique and special in their own way. For these art pieces we wanted to showcase the dialogue between the machine and knit engineers, working to scale up small scraps into a large art piece that was approx. 180x200cm. We were really embracing the making process.

© Tomek Dersu Aaron

The yarns that we used for these pieces were all re-purposed, using the last cones of very special yarns that we had in our studio. These yarns ranged from being used for textiles for couture, and high-end fashion to automotive, but each cone was special and the last of the stock that we had. When blended together we got luxurious, bright textiles which showcased all of these worlds coming together in an art piece.

For Borre Akkersdijk, this was a very personal and special project, something that he always believed: textile is art. So, when CIBONE came to him to bring textile back to the art level and to create something for people to have as a textile story hanging or draped in their house, it was a very special request.

© Hideki Makiguch




An Amsterdam based textile innovation studio devoted to bring the power of bespoke textile creation to the hands of creators

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An Amsterdam based textile innovation studio devoted to bring the power of bespoke textile creation to the hands of creators

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